Thursday, October 8, 2015

A little update on OpenStreetMap editing in gnome-maps

Since my last blog post, the awesome Allan Day produced a nice mock-up of OpenStreetMap editing in Maps

So, the last few days I have spent some time to turn (parts of) this mock-up into GtkBuilder .ui files and JS code.
Currently, it handles editing existing objects (the functionallity is corresponding to my previous implementation doing the editing in-place in the place popover).

And a few screenshots of the editing:

Opening an object in the editor.
Adding a new OSM tag

Entering some data, and the ”Next” button becomes selectable.

Clicking ”Next” takes you to the upload stage.

Enter a (optional) change comment, and click ”Done” to upload the change.

There is still no account setting (like in the mock-up), so the ”hack” with setting the environment variables is still needed.
Also, the “Remove” button is currently not hooked up to anything…

The plan for the upcoming time is to clean out some left-overs from the previous ”in-popover“ editing I had before and the implement remove functionallity.
And after that take a look at adding the account setup functionallity.