Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Nearing end of year

So we're approaching the end of 2016, and I thought I should probably give a little update as it was a while since last time now…

As can be seen in the screenshot below, the route labels will be expanded a to fill out the available space instead of getting ellipsized when there is no headsign label, as is the case for the Staten Island Ferry in the example

I have also implemented support for printing the selected route (and since Andreas was a bit busy I went ahead and did some design work in a best-effort way):

We also changed the default color for routes (when the agency-provided data doesn't specify a color for a route) to black to be a bit more neutral (and match the default color of the route lines on the map.

Another new feature I implemented after an idea by Jonas is that now the transit route mode button is disabled if no route service is available. The idea is that we want to prepare for being able to land this feature in master and possibly enable the functionallity afterwards when we get infrastructure available (running OpenTripPlanner).
I implemented this by piggy-backing on the downloaded service definition we use for the tile server.
So, as soon as the service is available we can add a definition to the downloaded service file, and Maps clients will pick it up.
If you want to try this, and run your own local copy of OTP, you can copy the default service definition file from data/maps-service.json
and add the following JSON snippet:

"openTripPlanner": {
        "baseUrl": "http://localhost:8080/otp"

at the end (before the closing } ).

Now you could run with something like:

MAPS_SERVICE=<path to modified service file> $PREFIX/bin/gnome-maps

You can also still use the OTP_BASE_URL override environment variable (as before) and it will also unconditionally enable the mode.

Hopefully we will be able to land it to master in a not-too-far distant future in time for 3.24.

And happy holidays everybody! :-)