Thursday, January 14, 2016

A little helping hand when adding OpenStreetMap POIs

Since the last blog post I spent some time curing the ”amnesia“ of the POI type selection view. So, now it will show a list of (up to ten) most recently used types. And it will also save this list between runs.

Clicking one of the types in the list will select it and return to the editing view.
The list of available types is still very short and mostly interesting for testing purposes still. I might try to import some data from the iD editor. There is also some lookup code doing linear searching that might not scale so well, and possibly I might have to find a better solution for that, but I wanted to start out simple and not get lost in premature optimizations.

Another thing that will probably need some love is the search algorithm, currently it will only match the beginning of the type titles. While this probably works quite well for most cases in English, it might be awkward for languages with another word ordering, where for example different types of shops could start with the same string…

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