Tuesday, March 8, 2016

View your tracks in Maps

Thought I should mention another nice feature that we have landed for 3.20, thanks to the nice work done by Hashem. Namely that you can now load GPX tracks recorded using i.e. a smart phone into Maps.

In the layers popover there is now a button to load geographical annotated data, it also supports loading geometries in GEO-Json format and KML (the format used in Google Earth).

This screenshot shows parts of a track recorded during a train trip (as you can see the track makes some jittery motions occasionally, but that is due to a bit shaky GPS reception).

Loaded layers shows up in the layers popover as shown below:

So now you can visualize trips and workout sessions directly in Maps. Also with shared-mime-info version 1.6 (which should be included in distros when shipping GNOME 3.20) double-clicking on a .gpx file should bring up Maps directly with the track loaded, as it registers itself as a mime handler for this mime-type.

The GPX track shown is awailable here https://cloud.gnome.org/index.php/s/G2YtwrveFo9RRjq
if you like something to play with.


  1. Please consider the option to setup the track line color/width. In some occasions (i.e. enabling the earth view) it could be difficult.

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